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Address: 321 E Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98901

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The Hotel Maison was once the tallest, grandest building between Seattle and Spokane. Located in the heart of Downtown Yakima, the 36-room boutique hotel still holds hints of its rich and colorful history. It was originally constructed as a lodge hall and meeting space by Yakima Freemasons in 1910. The building’s beautiful, historic architecture remains intact, and guests discover a glimpse of the past and a bit of intrigue. New spacious suites designed to reflect the historic framework of the building provide spectacular views of the Yakima Valley. The Hotel Maison—historic elegance with modern convenience.

Area Amenities

  • Excellent access to I-82 and transit center
  • Walking distance great dining, movie theatre, boutiques, Capitol Theatre, a luxury spa, and numerous nightlife experiences
  • Prominent location in the heart of downtown Yakima
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